Friday, June 11, 2010

8 Cakes in 7 Days

EIGHT cakes in Seven Days...sounds like a bad movie where someone is stranded in a locked room for 8 days with nothing to live on but cake and the nights are long and the days pass slow....OKAY, Sorry but I am just incredibly sleep deprived and I LITERALLY cannot feel my feet from standing in the bakery for 7 days straight from 7am to 4am (YES-you read that correctly). I may have to adjust my prices upward to pay for new, titanium legs since mine are surely ruined from the longs hours of working...
...One thing is for sure though...You will never work as hard as when you work for yourself. This is soo true for me because my name goes on every cake and product that comes out of the kitchen and it is beyond important for me to love each cake and be proud of each one so that I can deliver it to you with a smile.

Okay, on to the cakes...the week started with a Double Cake order for a Friday Night wedding reception on the strip. The order was for a Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing and the bride also wanted a Grooms Cake to suprise her 'husband to be'. The theme for the Grooms Cake was the The Seattle Mariners...she sent me a photo of what she imagined and we created it. The Wedding Cake was a 2 tier, square red velvet, we used our Red Velvet Fudge recipe (soo good, so good in fact he executive chef at the restaurant where the reception was held made it a point to let me know it was the best red velvet he has ever had). NOW...I don't know if that would be everyones opinion, afterall I am from New York and I am not sure I am known for my Red Velvet (Southerners are squirming in their seats since Im sure the South makes one Hell of a red velvet..and some mean cornbread..(I watch Paula Dean and so I trus her judgement).
So here are Fridays cakes.

Saturday was our next cake order and I, unfortunately, do not have a photo to share at the moment. This cake was a Graduation cake ordered by the mother of the graduate. This mom was soo sweet and this cake meant so much to her you could tell she wanted it just right for her daughter and she really wanted to personalize it. Her daughters favorite colors, her favorite books, a replica of some of her sketches made out of edible materials. It was great but unfortunately the weather was so incredibly hot and our refrigerated car broke down mid-delivery. Las Vegas Summer HEAT + CAKE = Disaster. While the cake was not entirely ruined it was not as beautiful as it was when it left the bakery. The delivery was still well received and they liked the cake but lesson be learned...have a better rescue plan for a cake emergency like this...I will find a photo and post it ASAP. The cake was made up of two GIANT tiers, bottom chocolate fudge with peanut butter buttercream ad the top was yellow butter cake with strawberry mousse and strawberry buttercream.

Its funny how New Yorkers stick together, especially out here in the Desert, it is like, once you find a fellow New York transplant you can't seem to be happier to talk to them! Anyway, this next cake was an order or an 18th birthday. She LOVES Sushi and is going to be traveling to Japan in the near future so this cake order was perfect for her. A Wooden Sushi platter with had made, edible (sweets not real sushi) sushi, sashimi, ginger, wasabi, chopsticks, all the works. This is one of my favorite cakes and I really have to say that these pictures do NOT do this cake justice (and I don't mean there was bad picture taking, its just the cake was THAT cool!!)The cake was White Vanilla Cake with Lemon Mousse and Vanilla lemon buttercream.

Monday was a day of regrouping for the next round of cakes, massive amounts of butter were used on this day to make several delicious cakes and buttercreams.

Tuesday was an order from a repeat customer. (Which is always a good sign). A French Vanilla Butter cake with Strawberry buttercream and fresh sliced strawberries was transformed into a gorgeous Cello. I know nothing about this instrument but found a few good photos and took the measurements and scaled them down so I would have a perfectly configured Cello. (I knew my Genius Math skills would still come in handy!). All the details were made and painted silver and the Cake was hand painted to look like wood and again I really loved this cake and did NOT want to give it away...but the best part is the delivery and seeing how happy  something as little as a cake can make someone!!!
Here are a few photos she sent to me.

Wednesday ... HUMP DAY ... Delivery of another Graduation Cake. This cake was really cute. School colors, textbooks of the graduates favorite classes topped with a graduation cap with matching tassel. The cake was white vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. Every single thing is edible from the books to the cap (which is red velvet cake) to the pencil and note...all edible.

Thursday...yes, another graduation cake but I unfortunately did not even have a fraction of a second to snap a photo. Large square cake filled with Vanilla Mousse and frosted with whipped Chantilly cream topped with an edible graduation cap.

Which brings us to today Cake 8, my las cake of the week ( I actually have 4 days off before the next order). This cake is a baseball themed (more specifically Angels vs. Dodgers) baby shower cake. The bottom tier, DODGERS is chocolate fudge cake and peanut butter buttercream and the top, ANGELS, is Yellow Buttercake with Vanilla Buttercream and fresh strawberry preserves. The cake features the mommy and daddy in their respective team colors sitting in front of a scoreboard. This cake is traveling to California and will be stacked by the customer there so I will be awaiting final pictures...but here are all the components.

This next picture was sent from Nikkol who ordered the cake and bravely drove it to California!
Thank You! prepare for a day of chocolate and candy making and then to catch up on my sleep...hopefully I won't have anymore cake nightmares.

I just have to add these two photos since I did not add them to my previous post and they are two of my favorites!

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