Monday, June 28, 2010

Sugar Stumps & Baby Bumps

What a week. One of my beautiful best friends and her gorgeous coworkers came to Vegas for the week. I sure miss New York and seeing them brought a little NY attitude to my life this week. Unfortunately they were here Monday thru Friday and this week was way busy. Jam-packed with final exams, final projects, a few cake orders and even an interview or two I survived the visit although I sure wish there were more hours in the day so I could have spent more time with the girls!!!
While they stayed up til 6am dancing and drinking I woke up at 6am trying to balance my work and cake orders. One of the orders was a BABY BUMP for a baby shower. Super cute and I had to give her some pearls to add some bling!

The other major project this week was my sugar showpiece. It came out beautifully and even survived a 20 minute car ride. Beautiful! This entirely made from sugar using various techniques. Poured sugar, blown sugar, pulled sugar, bubble sugar and rock sugar. Not bad for my first sugar piece and I successfully made it thru the week without burning myself...SCORE!

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