Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bowling Birthdays and Baby Showers

Ya know, it is becoming habit now where I just want to keep every cake I make, only for a moment though! I mean, I just love these adorable, unique, colorful and even classic cakes and for a brief moment when I finish the order and the details are in place I just want to put it in a glass case and stare at it...then I come to my senses and realize that doing this would be cake abuse, after all underneath all this beauty is one super yummy cake! No really its soo good! Also my favorite part of the cake making process is definitely the faces on the receiving end!...which brings me to the Neon Bowling Birthday cake..! What and adorable little girl who made the BEST face when she saw her cake, I wish I captured it on camera! (unfortunately I was holding this very large, EXTREMELY heavy bowling ball cake!)

The bowling ball being crumb coated in buttercream

After buttercream
Her mom ordered her cake and said her two favorite things are hot pink and zebra and since they were cosmic bowling I thought making a marble pink bowling ball on a zebra base with yummy edible mini bowling balls and bowling pins would be awesome...and I think awesome is the best word to describe the final cake! And not only awesome but entirely edible!!! The bowling ball was chocolate cake with peanutbutter buttercream and the bottom zebra tier was three layers of golden yellow cake with fresh sliced strawberries and Chantilly cream...yum!!!

The day before this bowling birthday cake was an order for an Elegant Black and White Baby Shower cake, this cake is super pretty and can definitely be the centerpiece for any wedding as well. Everything of course is edible from the bow to the ribbon and it was all handmade. The bottom tier is 3 layers of lemon poppyseed cake with fresh raspberry preserves, top tier is 4 layers of chocolate fudge cake with layers of whipped cream and vanilla buttercream, the entire cake is coated in a neat, smooth layer of vanilla buttercream!

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