Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dobos Cake
7 layers of yellow sponge iced and filled with chocolate buttercream topped with homemade caramel dipped in chocolate.

3 layers of Devils Food filled and iced with French Buttercream topped with buttercream roses

Opera Cake
3Layers of sponge drenched in coffee syrup topped with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Over-The-Hill and Pregnant!

"Over-the-hill and Pregnant" that is what I read in an email I received from the manager of the restaurant where I cater special event cakes for parties and dinner guests.
I read it again...the husband of the birthday girl is throwing her a Birthday dinner and the theme is over-the-hill since she is turning 40..(even though that is technically not over the hill). The husband said he'd like to also incorporate the fact that she is pregnant into the birthday cake...i just thought...gee, i really hope his wife knows the theme is over the hill cuz if I was pregnant and emotional and hormonal and my husband told me I was over the hill I would probably kill him...hopefully she is nicer than i am!

So I started brainstorming and sketched a drawing, I wanted to sculpt the mom-to-be out of sugar...and so I did...
I also made baby bottles and then I thought...

...hmmmm a stork holding a sack would be a nice topper for this cake!! and so I sculpted this out of sugar also..I really thought this came out cute!

I really love the little details on cakes, it is my favorite part of it all! I love to sit there and sculpt.
Well the cake came out exactly as expected and underneath the home-made marshmallow fondant was a giant mountain of cake, not just a hill. Three combined "tiers" The bottom is chocolate fudge cake with peanutbutter buttercream. The Middle was Vanilla Cake with Fresh Strwaberry Buttercream and the Top is devils food cake with vanilla buttercream. It looked so pretty frosted like this...YUM!
I loaded it in a giant box (You can never see just how big these cakes are..this was pretty large!!!) and put it in a nice, pre-chilled car and sent it off with Andrew to be delivered...I also told him to drive safe and not to ruin my hard work!!!
Success, the cake was delivered safe and sound, everyone loved it and the party gushed over it...Job well done!
Here is a picture sent to me of the cake all set up at the restaurant!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BUSY but Delicious!

Here are a few delicious things that have been coming out of the kitchen here...
...I apologize for the "few and far between" posts on the blog..I have been incredibly busy between Pastry School and the numerous orders I have had recently! The blogspot site has also made some changes to the way pictures are uploaded to the blog and it is actually now very inconvenient and time consuming to post here...but NO WORRIES I will still post but to see constant and up to date posts, pictures and info check out the EatMyTreats facebook page!

This is a beauty! Charlotte Royal...dome layered with jelly roll filled with fresh Raspberry Bavarian Cream topped with a hand-sculpted marzipan rose! Light in taste and flavor.

This is the absolute BEST Tiramisu you will ever try!!! I will be adding this to my menu.
Fresh baked Lady Finger Sponge, coated in a thin layer of chocolate then drenched with coffee syrup and filled with Mascarpone Mousse! AMAZING Garnished with Chocolate really, I wish you could taste it right now...lick your screen if you need to!!!

This is a Bavarian Cream Cake made up of layers of Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla Bavarian Cream, Chocolate Dacquois, Fresh made Raspberry Gelee and Apricot Bavarian Cream topped with Chantilly Cream and chocolate Plaques! Refreshing and not at all too sweet!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Okay...I MUST share this random concoction with you all since the result was super delicious! Just look at these things...
...if a Whoopie Pie and a Chocolate Cookie Sandwich had a child...this would be it!
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie "cakes" with a dollop of Fresh Espresso Chocolate Whipped Cream

So...these are SOOO easy to make and I whipped them up in 15 minutes as a last minute sweet to take to a BBQ. I was asked to bring something sweet for after dinner and I had NOTHING in my pantry but a box of chocolate cake mix (from before my scratch baking days) and some Chocolate Chips....hmmmmm so I got to thinking...I wonder if I could make something like a Whoopie pie or a soft, chewy cookie...So I mixed some stuff up and they turned out AMAZING!!!
***I am going to post this recipe soon***
So you can make these delicious cookies or your own favorite recipe and sandwich them between a dollop of this amazing whipped cream...Here is how you make this delicious stuff:
1 Pint whipping/heavy cream
1 1/2 TBSP instant Chocolate Pudding (like Jello) dry
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 TBSP hot water
2 + TBSP instant espresso/coffee (to your liking)

1. Start whipping the heavy cream (this is when it is great to have a KITCHEN AID!! When the cream starts to come together add the vanilla and some sugar (to taste) I used about 1/4 - 1/2 cup
2. Sprinkle in the Instant pudding
3. Combine the hot water with the coffee and stir until it is dissolved and add 1 - 2 tsp of sugar to the coffee/water mixture to form a thick syrup-like mixture.
4. While whipping the cream add the coffee syrup to taste and whip 'til incorporated.
5. Place a heaping spoonful on top of a cookie and sandwich together.
I LOVED how these tasted after being n the freezer for a a light and airy ice cream sandwich with a soft, chewy cookie! YUM!
The poeple who ate these could not wait for them to freeze up and ate them right out of the fridge and they were still amazing ... in fact they were all gone...THANK goodness I saved myself one =)

I had to take a bite ...

...Or two...