Monday, June 28, 2010

Last Minute Spongebob

So all of you know about my wonderful boyfriend Andrew, well he is definitely one of my biggest fans/PR/Mgmnt/and order taker. This week he sends me a text saying he took an order for a cake and needs me to make a handmade sugar Spongebob along with a cake for Sunday (mind you he told me on Friday night via a text message). This worried me since I never really watched Spongebob and couldn't exactly picture him [for those of you who have NO CLUE what Spongebob looks like here is the photo I went by ...

(although I did remember he lived in a pineapple under the sea..thank you catchy theme song) and I still had company here from NY AND I was filling an order for a few dozen truffles. But how could I say no now?! Easy, I couldn't so I got to work and started sculpting him and he actually came out PERFECT...another one of those moments where I just didn't want to give him away.

The actual cake was Chocolate fudge cake with Chocolate Mousse and all the pieces on the cake are made of sugar.

The Birthday girl was absolutely adorable and I am so glad I didn't say NO to this order!

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