Friday, July 17, 2009

Turkey Day!

After the ice cream Hot Dog Cake I figured I had reached my peak, I mean what could I possibly make that would be more shocking that a Hot Dog....well how about a Turkey! Thanksgiving was fast approaching and my family asked me to make a cake so... I thought long and hard and my one and only criteria for my cake was that i wanted it to look
STIC!!!! I didn't want just a plain old sheet cake cut in the shape of my hand and frosted brown (although i have seen many very adorable versions of these!!!) but I had to top the Hot Dog! Soo I baked a yellow and caramel cake from the box (I definitely had no time or patients to make a cake from scratch for this project!!) 

and used a combination of pantry staples for the rest. And made some stuffing and molded some turkey drumsticks out of cake. Everything on the platter is edible and it was super delicious! You should have seen the faces when I put this bad boy on the table after eating a ton of REAL TURKEY

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  1. This looks like a real turkey...I wouldn't have known it was cake unless I read the blog!