Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot Dog Anyone?

You can't live in the New York area without running into a hot dog everywhere you go. Walk down the city streets and there are at least three vendors selling dirty water franks on every corner. Walk past a playground and there ya dogs! Gray's Papaya has about four locations across Manhattan for your massive and sudden hot dog craving needs and forget about a baseball game, there is no way you can sit through a game without a hot dog and a beer or two..or three..or...well, what I am saying is HOT DOGS are everywhere. I do not particularly LOVE hot dogs but my sister Erica has professed her love for the frank! She will eat them at any opportunity, she will even bring her own dogs to a BBQ!
Sooo, it was Erica's Birthday (mid-November so she h
asn't had a mass quantity of hot dogs as compared to summer months) and my mom was making lasagna (yum) which she hates and she said all she wanted was a hot dog....So I made her this Hot Dog Cake!!! I made it out of ice cream since my favorite thing in the world is ice cream...and I think it came out pretty good!

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