Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cheeseburgers and French Fries

If you are heading to a BBQ then you should be sure to bring these sweet sliders for dessert!As you noticed I LOVE to make sweets that look like a main course and when I was cruising the
blog-o-sphere and stumbled upon Bakerella's page filled with "Fast Food Fun" I had to make these with a few little twists. Check out Bakerella's originals here!
Thanks for a great idea Bakerella!!

I made these burgers the size of a standard cupcakesize and used yellow tinted and red tinted frosting as the ketchup and cheese and a sprinkle of green coconut as the lettuce. Then I brushed a bit of honey on the buns (haha that m
akes me laugh!) and added some sesame seeds for the real effect.

The french fries are made from rolled sugar cookies just chill the dough before you slice your fries and bake them! It makes life soo much easier and don't forget the extra sugar to look like salt!

And of course...
I needed a taste tester for these little burgers..If food and eating is involved I always have at least two volunteers to taste test.

So what do you think?.......


  1. OMG These are unbelievable

  2. i came to comment on the awesomeoness of the cheeseburgers, i stayed to comment on the ADORABLE, ADORABLE dog. terriers are too much.
    xx. Jenny from Lovely at Your Side

  3. Oh my gosh, these look so real! In fact, they're making me crave a hamburger right now. Great work! Is it weird to bite into something sweet that you would expect to be savory?

  4. sp8des...haha well i thought these would be more for show than taste but ppl loved them and they were really convincing! ... And they were also tasty!

    Lovely At Your Side...aww thanks Jenny the burgers were fun and Jackson (the dog) is adorable, lad back and always like my cooking