Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apple Crumb Cake Truffles

Just dropping in to let you all know about a new and amazing flavor...Apple Crumb Truffles!
So this flavor started as a forced thought....I have a basket of organic apples that sits so nicely on my dining room table..but the problem with organic apples is that, well, they are organic and they go bad way before I have eaten them all (thats what happens when you buy the Sams club size bag)..and YES, I do find the time to eat fruits and vegetables not just cake!!!
Anyway, I thought that I should make something delicious out of these apples and BOY DID I MAKE SOMETHING YUMMY!!!
I wish you all could taste these!!
I have passed these little truffles out to friends and my classmates and even my Chef. The feedback was great and so this flavor is here to stay!
Imagine a moist, delicious, fresh Apple, Crumb Cake flavored truffle dipped in a blend of Belgian and Tropical chocolate topped with New York style streusel...yea, its good!!! Even I couldn't deny how yummy these were!!!

*** A recent discovery..these little sweets are delicious if you pop them in the microwave for just a few seconds...they taste like warm apple pie!!

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