Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Having Cake-Making Withdrawel

Viva Las Vegas....We are here to stay...aren't the Bellagio fountains beautiful!?!

Hey guys...I know it has been way too long since my last cake post, and TRUST me I am having major withdrawal symptoms from not baking and designing a fun new cake!!
After driving across the country in a giant Uhaul with our car in tow and our dog Jackson in the passenger seat between us, driving for four LOOOONG days and sleeping in cheap hotels for three nights and eating awful fast food, we arrived in Vegas exhausted, full of cholesterol and totally broke...but we got here, yay!
Luckily we missed the 100 degree heat and it has been pristine spring/fall-like weather =).....but enough about the weather and my very serious hatred toward McDonald's, I need to make a cake...STAT! Unfortunately right now I do not have any extra money to fund my own love for cake making but I will surely make the exception since Halloween and Thanksgiving is soon approaching!
Oh yea, and my sister's birthday is right around the corner and the HOT DOG CAKE I made for her birthday last year is what sparked this "cake-making fire" under my butt. So yea expect a cake in the near future!
One thing for sure is I have been cooking up a storm since getting to Vegas and staying with my extended family, Andrew's brother and wonderful wife (who is expecting little baby Sophie soon). I have made three banana breads, cheesecake truffles, red velvet balls, chocolate covered bananas, and two pumpkin cakes and we have only been here 2 and a 1/2 weeks!!!
Well, thanks for sticking with me and I promise to have something fun posted soon!!!

Here are some fun pictures from our recent Vegas adventures...
And if you've always dreamed of seeing the sights between New York and Nevada here is a link to some photos. ROAD TRIP

Pumpkin picking in the toasty warm weather is a nice change from NY cold!

A great discovery...an awesome martini bar off the strip with yummy tapas!
Yea, Andrew ordered an Almond Joy martini while i like a straight dirty but hey, I'm grateful he has such a sweet tooth since he is my #1 taste tester!

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