Monday, August 17, 2009

Spaghetti and Meatballs

OK I'm really sorry for the poor picture quality, I use my camera phone for most of my posts just out of convenience and the fact that I always forget to bring my real camera anywhere I go and also forget to photograph my creations right away so I am sorry!!

My wonderful boyfriend Andrew just turned 25 and of course I HAD to make him a classic Birthday cake...Ok so it wasn't exactly classic but for me it was a classic since I tend to make things out of dessert that closely resemble savory food. Andrews favorite meal is a big bowl of pasta and meatballs with homemade pasta sauce..(yes I actually cook other than novelty cakes) so I felt this cake would be suiting!!
The only problem with this cake is that I could not get time alone in my house to put tender love and care into creating it...instead I had about 20 minutes to stack, frost, fondant, and decorate my cake in the 90 degree heat of my kitchen! While I still think it looks cool I had much bigger plans for this cake and given double the time it would have definately looked much more relistic and FABulous. But of course Andrew thought it was great and after eating a homemade meal of real angel hair, meatballs, chicken parm and sunday sauce he was happy to eat another bowl...i mean slice of pasta and meatballs for dessert..along with the Banana Bread Truffles I made for Joe who tried very hard to keep them out of direct sight in hopes of keeping them to himself! Joe, I cant blame you, those Banana Bread Truffles
 are awesome!! 

Of course any cake you ever make for Andrew MUST be chocolate so I made a super moist Devils  cake with my peanut butter icing in the center. The consensus was that is tasted delicious and kinda like a funny bone! 

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