Monday, August 3, 2009

Chicken Nugget Wedding Cake

Have you ever seen the McDonald's commercial where the couple gets married and their wedding cake is made out of chicken nuggets?...yea i barely remember seeing it too so i did you all a favor and You Tubed it for you so click here.
Or just look at this freeze frame of the cake below.

Okay, so now you see the original and my hard work so what do you think? Does it look like chicken nuggets? Well, here is the story behind why I am wacky enough to make this crazy cake.

So this weekend it was one of my best friend's birthday (it was mine too so it was a great big Bday bash weekend) and I wanted to make her a cake and of course it had to fulfill two requirements...1) It had to taste fabulous and 2)
it had to look awesome and have a wow factor like most of my sweet creations! So, I had a bunch of thoughts but couldn't think of anything funny and so my boyfriend reminded me of the time Amy (the Bday girl) and friends came over for a night of bar hopping. The girls and I were heading back to my place after a night of dancing and sipping cocktails (OK it was far less classy and we were most likely chugging beers) and we walked passed McDonald's and went in to grab some late night dinner/early morning snack and Amy is online and this is her order
"Hi, ummmm I'd like a sweet tea, a medium FF and ugh....yea, the umm chicken nugget wedding cake...k thanks" and the girl behind the counter taking her order replied with
"ugh,,umm...I'm not sure we have that, lemmie check" and Amy says :
"Yea you guys have it, you know, the wedding cake of nuggets, like the one on the commercial"
so the girl checks and says she's really sorry but they dont have those and Amy's like oh, man...bummmmer!! Okay." and she orders (all while being very nonchalant, not a belligerent drunk at all! So while she is waiting for her actual order there are ppl on line behind her and she turns to the woman next in line and says "by the way they don't even have the chicken
nugget wedding cake" and we leave hahah...this makes me laugh!! This makes everyone who knows Amy laugh.
Sooo that is what made Andrew suggest making the chicken nugget cake from the commercial and then I personalized the bride and groom to be covered in smiley face stickers, which is what happens when you go to The Boardy Barn...since Amy met the love of her life there last summer and its a very, very happy place!! See look at us in our glory at the Boardy barn!

Amy and Boat Shoes

So the cake was delicious, the bottom tier was homemade yellow cake with chocolate chips filled with vanilla custard and the top was devils food chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and the entire cake was covered in chicken nuggets which were really zeppoli's. When we brought our the cake the entire party thought they were real nuggets and Amy's sister even dunked one in sweet and sour which made me die laughing. By the end of the night the entire cake was stripped of its nuggets and everyone ate them all up! I wish I had a picture but like I said it was our Bday bash and there was much tequila involved and so I forgot to take a picture.
PS .. if your ever on Long Island go to the Boardy Barn!!!

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