Monday, May 9, 2011

Angry Birds

Let me start with a rather new and terrible addictive game. Anyone who has a snazzy ipad or iphone is sure to be obsessed with the ANGRY BIRDS. We were asked to make an Angry Birds cake for a client's wife who habitually played the game. There was one request, it had to be functional! The game needed to be playable, and so we built an edible slingshot that you could actually use to shoot the birds!
This cake was beyond fun to make, each bird, all the little details and the cake itself was 4 feet long.
We also made his wife into her own "Angry Bird".

Here are the Evil Pigs. Hand sculpted out of fondant.

Some Angry Birds

A custom level

This Birthday message was requested by the Birthday Girl's Husband

4 foot long cake

Chocolate Fudge cake with Raspberry Buttercream.

Edible, functional slingshot

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