Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Slurry of Photos

Again, I know, just some pictures but in reality I cannot find the time to even get 7 hours of sleep let alone blabber about my cakes on my blog (although trust me...I would LOVE too). So until the world passes a Bill adding a few more hours to each day I will just have to show you some pictures!

My first order of business was a twin boys birthday bash. Originally the order was for two individual cakes, one for each of the boys (very adorable boys by the way...I hope to get a picture of them enjoying their party soon!)..anyway the order was changed from two cakes o a buffet of desserts. The original order featured Sonic the Hedgehog on one cake and a cartoon replica of one of the boys on the other so we kept that idea and made a platter of cereal treats and homemade lollipops (strawberry and pineapple) and here is sonic made out of fondant.

We also made 60 cupcakes with the boys initials (Tyrell and Tyree)
Vanilla with vanilla buttercream

And strawberry cake with fresh strawberry buttercream!

This was an order we received at the bakery...a cute, not too fancy, Hello Kitty cake
To be honest I made so many cakes on this day and cannot remember what the flavor is...I also, unfortunately only had time to snap this one cake's photo.

This was an order for an "Outdoorsy" cake. The woman loves the outdoors and hiking.
Chocolate Cake filled with Turtle buttercream finished in fondant. 
Fondant figure and chocolate trees. 

Handpainted scenery using edible food coloring.
Watch the video below for a 360 degree view of this awesome cake.
This is one of my absolute favorites and painting it was super fun!

     Pretty pink Baby Shower cake.
Pastillage cradle, Gumpaste flowers, fondant ruffles, buttercream basketweave, royal icing stringwork...ALOT of old-school, classic details.

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