Saturday, February 27, 2010

Carrot Cake Craziness

Those of you who do not know me personally may find it shocking to find out that I can indeed cook, not just bake. And even more shocking...I can cook pretty well. I make one heck of a Sunday sauce, a mean meatball and lots of other creative concoctions. I haven't done too much cooking since school started since most of my time and energy is focused on baking, baking and more baking but since bathing suit season is like a week away here in Vegas (ok I am slightly exagerating) I decided I better start cooking. Andrew and I went off to Sam's Club and bought ginormous (GIGANTIC + ENORMOUS) packages of fresh chicken, apples, grapes, lettuce, etc...
...So where is this going? Well, we also bought a huuuuge bag of carrots...We ate them raw, dipped in dressing, in a salad, steamed, braised, you name it but at the end of two weeks we still had a ton of carrots left and frankly, I couldn't stand looking at them any I thought...hmmm..I have never made a carrot cake before...and it would be fun to make little sugar carrots as deorations...and so the crazy carrot cake was born.

I searched for a recipe..I went to my trusted and true source for good solid recipes that I can always count on.
Simply Recipes has soo many awesome recipes that work perfectly so you know you can put your own twist on them without too much of a gamble! Okay so I found a great carrot cake recipe, and made some changes...and it was DEE-LISH!! I never really even knew I liked carrot cake! Soo Good!
The carrots made of sugar and chocolate were the REAL inspiration for this cake and they are super cute!

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